Frequently Asked Questions


Have questions about Sawyer Mason floors? We have answers! We’ve outlined some of the frequently asked questions we’ve heard from our customers below. Don’t see the question you’re looking for? Contact us here.


What are structured floors? Is there an advantage to structured floors?

Structured floors are similar to engineered floors. However, we have constructed these floors to a much higher quality than your typical engineered floor. Our structured hardwood floors are built with stability in mind. The core of Sawyer Mason’s floors is made from a sustainably harvested hardwood with properties harder than oak. The core is constructed of solid hardwood as opposed to multiple layers of pressed Birch plywood. Within the core, individual filets, or strips of hardwood are hand-placed to run perpendicular to the length of the plank. This inhibits the wide planks from cupping and other movement, providing you with the most stable wide plank flooring.

Can Sawyer Mason be used for other applications other than floors?

Yes! Sawyer Mason can also be used as wall boarding, ceilings, as well as stair treads and more.

Why should I purchase my floors from Sawyer Mason?

Sawyer Mason Structured Floors are thicker and more solidly built than most engineered floors available on the market. The majority of our floors are just over 3/4″ (13/16″) thick with a 6mm wear layer. Our Developer Collection is 9/16″ thick with a 3.2mm wear layer. Both dimensions offer you the longevity and durability of solid wood flooring. With our unique coloring process, you get the most natural looking flooring that is also reparable. And, with a wide variety of colors, widths, lengths and textures available, we’re sure you’ll find the floor you’re looking for.

What are prefinished floors?

Sawyer Mason prefinished floors are colored, so there is no messy site finishing that needs to happen after the floors are installed. Our oiled floors are also UV-cured – just buff in a coat of maintenance oil and you’re done.

Can you change the color?

The uniqueness of our colored floors is due to the reactive color process that is applied to achieve the color. A reactive color is applied and hand-buffed, often requiring several applications to achieve a particular color. The reactive color reacts with the tannins and sugars within each plank to create the color. So, the color comes from within the plank. If you choose to change the color, you would lose the depth of color achieved with this coloring process. But, yes, you could always sand and apply a stain to the floors.

Can the floors be resanded?

Our 13/16” thick Sawyer Mason floors can be sanded as many as 4-5 times with the 6mm wear layer and offer as much usable wood surface as a solid wood floor. Our 9/16” thick floors allow re-sanding up to 3-4 times with the 3.2mm wear layer.

Hopefully, you won’t want to sand these floors. The beauty of our oiled floors is that you can repair scratches by buffing in Rubio Monocoat Universal Maintenance Oil, and refresh your floors using RMC Eco Refresh spray. You should never have to sand your Sawyer Mason floors.

How are the floors installed? What tools & materials are need to install Sawyer Mason?

Float, Glue, or Nail & Glue. This flooring is installed like solid wood flooring. While each installation type will have additional materials needed, every Sawyer Mason installation will require the following general tools and accessories: Pencil, Tape Measure, Safety Glasses, Utility Knife, Moisture Meter, Hammer, Shim Wedges, Tapping Block, Rubber Mallet, Carpenter Square, Pry-bar or Pull-bar, Wood Filler, Scraper, Dust Mask, Rags, Chalk Box and Chalk.

Is Sawyer Mason just for residential applications?

No. UV-oiled floors have been installed in many commercial applications, including restaurants, coffee houses, hotels, art galleries, even the Copenhagen airport. With proper maintenance, these floors can be installed anywhere indoors.

Is there a warranty?

Yes. Please review Sawyer Mason’s Limited Warranty here.

Where can I buy your floors?

The best way to buy our floors is to contact us directly. Our sales team will help guide you through the process of choosing your Sawyer Mason flooring and then put you in touch with a local dealer.

How much should I purchase for my project?

We recommend that you order an additional 7% to 10% for waste and cuts depending on your project needs and the layout of the area.

Additionally, if you are custom ordering finishes or textures, we recommend an additional 5% to be kept on site for boards that may need to be replaced or repaired in the future.

What’s the best way to clean my floors?

For regular cleaning of our oiled floors (Atlantic, Back Bay, Developer Shorline & Vineyard Collections), mop with Rubio Monocoat Natural Soap or the ready-to-use spray version, Surface Care Spray. RMC Natural Soap is designed for the regular cleaning of oiled surfaces, removing all dirt and grease thoroughly without leaving a film. RMC Natural Soap keeps the matte, natural look of the wood. Refer to the Rubio Monocoat Natural Soap product guide for additional information. Frequent cleaning with this product (up to once weekly) will extend the time before re-oiling becomes necessary and will help prevent against staining and water spotting.

For regular cleaning of our Bona finished floors (Vintage Collection), vacuum the floor using a soft brush attachment and clean your floors regularly with Bona Wood Floor cleaner.

Do not use ammonia, vinegar, petroleum-based cleaners, wax, polish, household dust treatment chemicals, abrasive cleaners, scouring pads, furniture cleaners, or any other product not specifically for oil-finished floors. Please review our Care & Maintenance Guide for additional information.

Is there any special care required?

After installation, it is recommended to apply a coat of Rubio Monocoat (RMC) Universal Maintenance Oil for an additional layer of protection and durability to our oiled floors (Atlantic, Back Bay, Developer Shorline & Vineyard Collections). We recommend products by Rubio because they are designed specifically to maintain and clean oiled flooring.

Can Sawyer Mason floors be installed over radiant heat systems?

Most of our wood species and plank sizes are warranted for installation with radiant heat using hydronic (water) systems. Sawyer Mason does not offer a warranty on ANY flooring installed over electric radiant heat systems. Please read our warranty for detailed information.

Do my floors need to be acclimated?

Yes. All wood flooring needs to be acclimated to their environment before installation. Your HVAC system should be on and maintained between 60-75°F. Make sure to check that the relative humidity inside is between 35% – 55% for a minimum of seven days prior to delivery, as well as during and after installation of the flooring. (See Relative Humidity and Why It’s Important here.)

The flooring must be delivered to the jobsite and brought up to ambient indoor temperature (usually 2-5 days). Make sure to keep boxes sealed and unopened until ready to install. Please refer to our Installation Guide for detailed information.