Sawyer Mason flooring is made from 75% sustainable materials

At Sawyer Mason, we believe that each of our actions can impact the planet.

We choose to manufacture and sell flooring that is built with sustainable materials for its core, and we source responsibly harvested planks for the top layer. In this small way, we feel we’re giving something back to the planet by making better, and greener choices.

There are many options from which to choose hardwood plank flooring, both for the companies that sell flooring and the ultimate end-users who purchase and live with the flooring. We choose to produce an environmentally green, toxin-free hardwood product.

As flooring distributors and manufacturers, we advocate for sourcing our flooring materials from countries that have strictly enforced forestry programs to ensure that forests stay strong and populated, both with trees and the animals within each ecosystem. We work closely with our mill to build a floor that is the strongest, most stable structured floor and also one that incorporates sustainable materials.

Sustainably Sourced

Sustainable Hardwood Core made from Rubberwood Trees after they have stopped producing rubber

The core of each of our structured plank floors consists of an extremely strong hardwood similar to oak that is harvested from the Pará Wood Tree. Pará Wood trees are planted as crops and harvested for its latex. Typically, the crops produce latex for 25 years or so and then are cut down and replanted with new plantings.

Rather than throwing away the old, mature trees, this material is now used as a sustainable resource in the manufacturing of Sawyer Mason. What was once discarded as waste is now reworked into flooring.

The top sawn veneer for most of our floors comes from strictly controlled and responsibly harvested Oak in France and Western Germany. We primarily use Western European Oak because of the high tannin content, which allows us to create extraordinary color, and the ability for wider and longer planks to be cut from the trunks.

Our floors are good for the air we breathe

Sawyer Mason floors are constructed with a hardwood core where minimal glue is used and therefore give off no off-gassing. You can rely on Sawyer Mason for clean and green floors that protect your health and the environment.

Natural soaps condition as you clean

Our UV-cured finishes give a hard, durable and protective finish to the plank floors. To clean your flooring, soaps made with natural products such as linseed oil and beeswax are recommended to continually condition your floors.