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At Sawyer Mason, we can customize every aspect of our floors to meet your specifications.

Determine Your Color

Light, dark, and everything in between

We know that the color of your floor could influence the rest of the design for the entire house. That’s why we offer a wide range of hues to satisfy any interior. And if you still can’t find the color you were looking for, we can make that happen too.

Sawyer Mason Colors
Sawyer Mason Widths

Determine Your Width

Wide Plank offers an amazing floor

Gone are the days of narrow-width floors. Sawyer Mason floors are available in an array of wide, beautiful widths, ranging from 5 ¾” all the way to 16″. This reduces the number of boards needed to fill your room, resulting in a more seamless wood floor.

Determine Your Length

Long lengths….. unparalleled

Sawyer Mason is able to offer structured flooring in long lengths because we select only the highest quality trees to be milled. Choose from lengths starting at 6′ to 10′, or random lengths to create a varied look.

Knot Characterists

Determine Your Character

Unique handcrafted texture

Nothing gives your floor more personality then adding some character to your planks. We offer many handcrafted texture techniques to make your floor truly yours.

View our custom Tasmanian Oak Floor Gallery

Customize Your Accessories

Moldings and Stair Treads to match

With Sawyer Mason, you can also get your stair treads and other flooring accessories to match. Our artisan flooring technicians color coordinate each piece to match your floors. Learn more about stair treads and accessories.

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While a wide variety of our flooring is always in stock at our warehouses, please allow 4 months from the date of your order for custom floors to be created.